Go the distance running Group ~ Fall Session

Race season is over, but there's no need to completely stop training!  Join this supportive run group and keep running through all seasons!  There are two options for dates.  Monday at 5:30 pm at Emily Murphy Park or Tuesday at 6:30 pm at Alfred Savage Centre.  We meet for one hour to work on running skill.  This includes hill work, intervals as well as working on improved form. To register please contact me at gothedistancetraining@hotmail.com.  Members of Go the Distance Running Group will receive a 10% discount on personal training sessions.  A Saturday run open to all will be posted each week.

Monday - October 23 - December 11


Tuesday - October 24 - December 12

$64 for an 8 week session

Personalized training plan

If you have specific goals for an event, a personalized training plan will help you meet your goals.

One time consultation and program design - $125 

Additional sessions - $80

Ultra Relay Team consultation

Have you joined a relay team for Death Race or Sinister 7?  Let me help your team be successful by designing a program to maximize each team members ability.  A team consultation involves collecting information from each member about their running experience and abilities, and helping the team place members in the areas of the race that will set the team up for success.  A training program will be provided with the consultation.  Additional meetings can be arranged if necessary.

Team Consultation & Program - $250

Additional Meetings $160