Client Success stories & testimonials

"Anything unattempted remains impossible" - unkown

I believe that we can achieve great things if we find the courage to begin and allow ourselves the courage to learn from mistakes along the way.  Instilling confidence in my clients that they can achieve their dreams can bring about inspiring results.  I credit them with doing the hard work, staying motivated, but most importantly, having the courage to begin.

A member of our group began her running journey in October, 2014 with a Go the Distance Run Clinic.  Read her story at . Way to go, Kerri.  So proud of you!

“Mary provides individually based, knowledgeable training. She offers teaching on all aspects of training including proper lifting/positioning techniques, injury rehabilitation, weight and diet. She has consistently provided extra resources should the situation require it...she is a positive motivator and an incredible fitness/health role model. She lives fitness and health and encourages incorporating it into every aspect of her client’s lifestyle. She has unfailingly been readily able to adapt to my needs.”

“Mary began training me approximately 6 years ago. I started with a program that provided a comprehensive approach assessing fitness and nutrition over a 10 week period. This was very successful for me so Mary encouraged me to set attainable training targets to keep me motivated. My training with Mary has focused around running and endurance goals. She has provided training schedules combining strength and cardio for a variety of races. These range from 15 km to 50 miles and include a year long program for a 250 km staged race across Iceland. Mary provides a positive and encouraging environment. Her personal success as an endurance athlete continues to be a catalyst for others."


“I have been training with Mary for the past 7 years. Our training began as part of my rehabilitation post surgery. Within 10 months we were able to ramp up my training to meet my goal, with Mary’s support and encouragement, of running a half marathon in San Francisco. Following this accomplishment, Mary encouraged me to train with her and a group to run a full marathon in the Barbados. Following my completion of this marathon I really doubted that I would EVER run another marathon however I find having a fitness goal motivates me to continue training so ran another full marathon in Bordeaux France again with Mary setting up the training program. Three years ago with another program set up by Mary I ran another half marathon in Santa Barbara with my husband, Mary and two friends. I continue to train with Mary weekly. I can’t imagine when I didn’t train with Mary nor can I see a time in the future where I won’t be training with her. At age 55 I am the fittest that I have ever been in my life, and I am very thankful for Mary’s encouragement and expertise.”